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What To Do If Your Child Is A Victim Of Bullying

What To Do If Your Child Is A Victim of Bullying

One of parent's worst nightmares is to find out that their child is being picked on in school. Some parents view bullying through normal behavior that is no big deal, and while many cases of bullying do resolve themselves, other times a victim of bullying can suffer long term affects. Parents should not take bullying lightly, but at the corresponding age, overreacting is also not a good idea. If your child is a victim of bullying, you should assess the seriousness of the situation and react accordingly. Taking steps to stop the bullying is the best thing a origin can do with out singling out their child.

If your child comes to you and says they are the victim of bullying, or you think that they may be the victim of bullying, talk with them to see what is going on. Children are often reluctant to prate about being the victim of bullying so it is important to strengthen them that talking about it will only help and that you care about their husky - being. Many kids think that telling their parents or teachers about being a victim of bullying will only make it worse therefrom be sure to take out-and-out steps to stop it that will not instigate the problem.

Children are often afraid that they bully bequeath find out that they told on them and bully them even more unduly. While this is a legitimate fear, taking the proper action will not result in this.

You should find out what your child has tried to do to stop the bullying and give them other ways to stop it. Often if the victim of bullying reacts in the right way, the bully will stop. If your child is being bullied but the situation is not putting them at any risk of physical, emotional, or self esteem damage, the best thing to do is to give your child advice on how to stop bullying themselves and contract them handle it. Sometimes ignoring a bully, using humor, or just remaining calm will stop bullying. When children react confidently and assert themselves to a bully, he will often stop without adult intervention.

If your child is a victim of bullying and it is severe enough to create physical, emotional or self - esteem damage, then you and your child should combat the school and inform your child's adviser and principal what is going on. Schools have no tolerance for bullying and if they are aware of what is going on will chore with parents and students to create a solution. Confronting the parent of your child's bully may or may not be a good idea so it is best to gibber with the rear first. Sometimes a bully's parents will betoken unaware of what is going on and will be willing to benefit. Other times a bullies parents will deny that there is a problem or not want to help. In slice case, the bully needs to be stopped and some sort of positive action should be taken.


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