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How To Tell If Your Child Is A Victim Of Bullying

How to Tell if Your Child is a Victim of Bullying

Able are many warning signs of bullying, and if you suspect that your child may be getting picked on at school, looking for these signs can help confirm that your suspicion is true. Some signs are more subtle than others, but they can all point to a case of bullying.

If you notice that your child frequently comes home with damaged belongings, torn clothes, or is missing cash, this may indicate that they are the victim of bullying. Taking or damaging cash is a way that children bully each other as well as physically harming their victim. Likewise, if your child frequently comes home with unexplained bruises, scrapes, and other injuries they may be a victim of bullying.

If your child has few friends or is withdrawing from friends they once associated with, they may be the victim of bullying. While friends do come and go throughout school, sudden decreases in friendships may evidence that your child is a victim of bullying. Children who are bullied often withdraw from things they once cared about because of the stress of their situation. Less popular children are also at an increased risk for bullying so if your child has problems forming friends they may be a target for bullying.

A sudden an unsung fear of going to school or a sudden loss of interest in school and activities may also flaunt that your child is the victim of bullying. Children are often hesitant to talk about bullying experiences and instead become afraid or uninterested in things they once liked. If you find that your child refuses to talk about school or other activities where bullying could take place this is also a sign that your child could be the victim of bullying. If your child is reluctant to talk about their experiences, reassure them that no matter what is going on your are there to help and can sole make the spot better.

Another sign that your child may be the victim of bullying is mood swings, dejection, or unrevealed illnesses and complaints of aches and strain. Children who are the victims of bullying will often invent up excuses why they do not want to go to school or come home in a bad mood. Children will typically try to avoid situations where they are being bullied using these excuses and it is a classic pointer of a bullying problem, especially if these problems happen unexpectedly.

If ignored, these symptoms can cause a child who is the victim of bullying to loose self esteem and do poorly in school. While these symptoms are not always caused by bullying, they are common cipher that bullying has occurred. If your child exhibits any of these symptoms, you should further investigate to see what the cause of the problem is and to acquisition ways to solve it. Children often do not want adult help because they phobia that certain will only make the situation worse. If they waste to talk to you, ruminate consulting your child's teacher to get better insight recreation what is ball game on.


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