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What To Do If Your Child Is A Bully

What To Do If Your Child Is A Bully

Children commonly tease each other and often times it is in good nature and has no negative effects. However, when a child becomes a bully, they can seriously injure children both physically and emotionally. It is important to stop bullying before it escalates to the point that a child is hurt. Greatly mortals think about stopping bullying by dealing with the victim, but what should you do if your child is a bully?

There are many different reasons why a child becomes a bully, some are not too serious and can easily be overcome and others are serious issues that must imitate dealt with for the well - being of both bully and victim. Children may bully others because they have low self - esteem themselves, they want attention of are trying to fit in with other kids that bully. They may experience abuse or bullying themselves from at variance children or adults. No matter what the reason is, if your child is a bully you should take the following actions.

You should first discuss with your child what has been going on and get their side of the story. Many times a child who is a bully is being bullied himself or is facing other types of abuse. Always get your child's side of the story to determine their motive behind being a bully. If your child is looking for attention, trying to make friends, or has melancholy self - esteem himself, you can better maintenance him cope with his problems if you find the underlying cause of what is going on.

Let your child recognize that bullying is a serious issue and will have negative consequences if it continues. Schools do not tolerate bullying and eventually your child's actions will catch enlargement with him. Let him know that his behavior must stop or there will be serious consequences. Umpteen times a bully who is not stopped will have lifelong problems with crime and drugs.

Talk to your child's teacher or other school official who has or can witness your child's bullying. Working together to stop your child's bullying will be more effective than working alone. Discuss ways to work together to stop your child from being a bully. Teachers are more than willing to help stop bullying as schools takings it very seriously.

If there are other children involved with your child's bullying, talk to their parents. Sometimes children act together as bullies and not all the parents may reproduce aware of it. Parents that act together leave strengthen the learning that being a bully is not lock on and have an easier time of stopping it.

Finally, you should address the actuation why your child is being a bully. If your child wants attention, more friends, or nondiscriminatory to fit in, give them ways to accomplish this without bullying. If your child has other issues that may be more serious like bipolar dilemma or low self - high standing, go into professional help for the well - being of your child. Giving your child positive ways to problem solve will go a long way to stop their bullying.


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